sensual wellness is a key element to a happy, healthy life.

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About Janra

We've created a sophisticated and inviting shopping experience with a bright store design. When you enter the store there is an emphasis on mainstream categories, such as unique fashion, bath & body and health & wellness products.

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Janra is a boutique retailer specializing in lingerie and apparel, intimacy-inspiring merchandise and personal accessories. It all began with the purchase of one small location and has quickly grown with its great success. With headquarters based in Nevada, the company operates an ever-expanding group of brick and mortar stores across the country.

We carry an extensive array of products which includes shoes, lingerie, health and wellness, bath and body products, books, intimacy toys and party games. We also offer fashionable and seasonal apparel such as swimsuits, denim, dresses and activewear.

At Janra, we believe love is a journey and that everyone travels their own unique route as they move through the different stages of their lives. Over the last decade, our associates have greeted millions of guests and provided each of them with knowledge and intimacy enhancing merchandise to improve their love lives. We are equipped to accommodate guests with diverse perceptions, interests, priorities and relationships.

We also value the sophisticated and stylish character of our stores and go to extreme lengths to ensure each of our guests have a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Each Janra store offers a fun and courteous atmosphere to shop and ask questions.

As we continue to grow, we are committed to improving service, selection and convenience for our guests. This commitment has afforded us a loyal customer base whose patronage contributes to its success.

values and vision



Empathy begins with listening . . . paying close attention to the world around us . . . walking in other people’s shoes. We value ethnic, cultural and lifestyle diversity. Our company workforce mirrors the diversity of the marketplace. As colleagues, we are committed to helping one another succeed through exceptional leadership, career development and supportive workplace practices.



Ethical conduct and social responsibility characterize our way of doing business. Integrity means doing the right thing for our employees, brands, the company and society - even when personal, professional and social risks or economic pressures confront us. It anchors our beliefs and behaviors today, and is one of the reasons consumers trust our brands.



It takes courage to be great. Courage is the willingness to challenge hierarchy, accepted practices and conventional wisdom. It means standing by our convictions. We were the principal company in the industry to challenge and reform the standards in county, state and federal law. While controversial at the time, this action foreshadowed the widespread acceptance of the industry.



Suzies started it and forever earned a place in history. Today, our brands are an authentic icon, known across the industry. The introduction of Fashion and Health & Wellness created entirely new categories setting us apart from market competitors. Innovation is the hallmark of our history and permeates all aspects of our business.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Our sensual wellness boutiques specializing in lingerie and romantic apparel, intimacy inspiring merchandise, health and beauty essentials, and personal accessories. 

Our stores vary in size from smaller, more intimate retail spaces where the primary focus is apparel and novelty items, to larger, principal retail spaces that carry the complete array of Suzies’ merchandise.


When a guest walks into one of our retail locations, we want to provoke a feeling of excitement and comfort. Our staff are welcoming and engaging and each location is vibrant, tasteful and comfortable. 

Stores are designed to be bright and inviting. The shopping experience is heightened by soft background music. Customers are invited to test bath and body products and comfortable fitting rooms are available to try on our full array of apparel and lingerie. Window displays are regularly utilized at many of our stores to highlight featured items and special promotions. 

We are very conscious of safety and therefore our parking lot and lighting upkeep is scheduled on a daily basis by store staff. We ensure a clean and crisp appearance.  For those just along for the ride or wanting to be enlightened, we offer a library where our guests can pluck a book from the shelf and sit back in one of the comfortable sofas. We have something for everyone.  


The majority of our guests are monogamous couples in the age range of 25-45. The most significant market increase has been in the number of single women, ages 25 to 49. Independently conducted research attributes the increased number of single female patrons to the pleasant store staff, marketing efforts, product selection, and the cleanliness of the retail areas. All of these factors have contributed to the growth of our brands as leading specialty retailers. 


The company operates stores in over thirty states. The majority of our retail stores occupy upscale shopping centers within established neighborhoods. Currently, neighboring businesses include Target, McDonalds, Pier 1 Imports, Sprouts, Starbucks, Weight Watchers, and Urban Outfitters. 


We takes pride in hiring a diverse range of people to work in and manage its stores. Typically, our smaller stores maintain a staff of six sales associates and a management team of two to three people. Our larger stores are generally staffed by 15 associates and are managed by a team of three. Eighty-five percent of associates are female, with a median age of 24. Among store managers, women outnumber men by a ratio of two to one, with a median age of 26. 

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Community Partners


As the leading specialty boutique retailer in the U.S., Janra is committed to corporate responsibility. A key aspect of our approach is the relationship building strategy we implement within each of our communities.

The objective of all our community activities, whether it’s charitable giving, chamber of commerce involvement, or tenant improvements, is to assist us in meeting our strategic goals and to benefit the development of our business. We recognize the value of relationship building and understand that when we succeed, the opportunities for individuals and businesses around us to prosper expand as well.

From Target and Dairy Queen, to Sprouts and Family Dollar Stores, Janra is privileged to share positive relationships with its current co-tenants. We strive to continually improve our own properties adjacent to those of our business neighbors.

We firmly believe in giving back to the communities we serve and strive to make them a better place to live and work. Over the past several years, we’ve donated our time and money to support important causes, such as Cystic Fibrosis Research, Education, and Exotic Wildlife Conservation. Our employees are engaged throughout the year in raising funds and awareness for these important causes.

We also dedicate ourselves to the health and well-being of our guests and employees. Janra offers health related educational workshops, seminars, and coaching to both guests and associates, encouraging them to make healthy choices.

Janra is making strides in reducing its environmental footprint and are committed to making sustainable choices. We have made a concerted effort to add more organic and natural products to our merchandise selection and expand existing lines of products made with recyclable materials.  


A portion of every sale goes toward exotic animal conservation. Our mission is to contribute toward the conservation of exotic wildlife through significant financial contributions to worthy wildlife refuge programs.


Our landlords appreciate our professionalism, high-end image, and ability to attract high-quality guests to retail shopping centers.

We visited the newest Endless Romance location to see all the new swim, lounge, athletic wear and apparel you can find there.

Jennifer H.

Leasing space to Suzies was one of the best decisions we've ever made.  Not only have we had a long-term tenant that pays timely each month, but the improvements they made to our property have increased its value substantially!

Sharon, Landlord

Having you in our property has been a true blessing... since you've came into our property, we've been able to get the center to 100% occupancy.  We appreciate the female clientele you bring to our building!

Megan, Landlord
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